12. Development Status

PicoScenes is still under active development. We are adding new features, new controls, and fix bugs. Checkout the changelogs for the latest progress.

PicoScenes Platform Changelog

PicoScenes Plugin Development Kit (PDK) Changelog

PicoScenes MATLAB Toolbox (PMT) Changelog

12.1. Future Plans

  • 802.11a/g/n/ac/ax packet injection for AX200

  • More low-level controls for AX200

    • Tx/Rx chainmask

    • Tx power

    • Regulation domain overriding

    • Improve interoperability with SDR

    • Enable 11ax-MU format CSI

    • Filter support

      • Format

      • Source MAC address

      • Firmware bug workaround

  • AX210 support

    • Enable XXX (a mysterious feature!!!!)

  • SDR baseband

    • 802.11ax SU-EXT/MU/Trigger-Based support

    • 802.11be support the SDR baseband implementation

    • Beamforming support

    • Directional beamforming support

    • Improve Rx baseband performance at least by 3x

  • Next-Gen CSI live plot

  • License Service

    • Online validation

    • User Portal

  • Usability & Documentation

    • Add AX200-based tutorial

    • Add video tutorial