12. Useful Resources#

Revised on Nov. 16, 2023

12.1. The academic paper of PicoScenes#

Zhiping Jiang, Tom H. Luan, Xincheng Ren, Dongtao Lv, Han Hao, Jing Wang, Kun Zhao, Wei Xi, Yueshen Xu, Rui Li, Eliminating the Barriers: Demystifying Wi-Fi Baseband Design and Introducing the PicoScenes Wi-Fi Sensing Platform, in IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IEEE IOT-J), doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2021.3104666.

This paper introduces PicoScenes and also reports very extensive performance evaluations of PicoScenes. Many of the results are state of the art.


If PicoScenes software (including the main program, bash scripts, PicoScenes MATLAB Toolbox and any PicoScenes plugins regardless of the ownership) is used by any form in your academic research, you should cite the above work. This citation requirement is also included in the PicoScenes Software EULA.

12.2. Quick Reference#

12.3. Opensource repositories#

  • PicoScenes projects group: wifisensing. The following are some of the open source sub-projects.
    • PicoScenes MATLAB Toolbox Core: the official PicoScenes MATLAB Toolbox (PMT) that parse the PicoScenes .csi file.

    • PicoScenes Python Toolbox: the official PicoScenes Python Toolbox (PPT) that parse the PicoScenes .csi file in Python. This project is contributed by Tian Teng.

    • RXS Parsing Core: the core CSI data parsing routine and the related utility code. This project is shared among the PicoScenes main program, PicoScenes MATLAB Toolbox and PicoScenes Python Toolbox via git submodule.

    • PicoScenes Plugin Development Kit (PS-PDK): the source repositories of three PicoScenes plugins, namely the Demo Plugin, UDP Forwarder and EchoProbe. We name it PS-PDK, because most PicoScenes plugins are developed based on this repo.

    • PicoScenes Manual: the reStructuredText source code of this documentation.

12.4. Other useful resources on Wi-Fi/RF/Smart Sensing#

  • IoT Book by Jiliang Wang, Tsinghua University (A full Chinese book). 王老师的这本IoT Book覆盖了智能感知相关的众多研究方向的最新进展及上手宝典,是入门智能感知相关研究不可多得的教材。