Online supplementaries for “Reshaping Wi-Fi ISAC with High-Coherence Hardware Capabilities”

Online supplementaries for “Reshaping Wi-Fi ISAC with High-Coherence Hardware Capabilities”#

Update: Mar. 12, 2024

Context of This Page#

Our research work “Reshaping Wi-Fi ISAC with High-Coherence Hardware Capabilities”, has been accepted by IEEE Communication Magazine (IF=11.2)! This work proposes to reshape the current research paradigm of Wi-Fi ISAC (Wi-Fi Integrated Sensing and Communication) with the proposed high-coherence hardware capabilities, and has been validated through two high-precision sensing demos. As research in this direction is still exploratory, this list of capabilities may change over time, so we hope to continuously update our research in this direction through this online page to promote the practical application of these capabilities.


The main article and supplementaries can be downloaded at Reshaping Wi-Fi ISAC with High-Coherence Hardware Capabilities and Supplementaries.

What Can High-Coherence Hardware Capabilities Bring?#

With high-coherence hardware capabilities, the CSI data will recover high-coherence characteristics in five dimensions: time, frequency, phase, amplitude, and space, enabling the support for various coherent algorithms from the radar field to be ported to the Wi-Fi platform, significantly enhancing the capacity and capabilities of Wi-Fi sensing.

About the Two Demos#

Both demos are developed based on the PicoScenes platform, and we will open source the core implementation of the two demos at an appropriate time in the future.

About Us#

We are a Wi-Fi “industry-academia-research” alliance that includes academia, industry, standards, certification, and major customers. Our goal is to build an open “industry-academia-research” interactive platform for friends in the academic and industrial fields related to Wi-Fi, to jointly promote valuable and influential Wi-Fi research into industrial applications, and to drive the next decade of development in the Wi-Fi industry.

Technical Cooperation#

We are very eager to engage in extensive contacts with various Wi-Fi vendors and discuss how to promote the application and large-scale implementation of Wi-Fi ISAC through the enhancement of underlying hardware capabilities.

For technical cooperation, please contact: