1. Why Should Choose PicoScenes


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1.1. Concurrent CSI measurement from multiple Wi-Fi NICs or SDR devices

To the best of our knowledge, PicoScenes is currently (Aug. 2021) the only Wi-Fi sensing platform software that supports concurrent CSI measurement from multiple Wi-Fi NICs by one single computer.

This feature significantly reduces the complexity of setting up and managing a multi-NIC CSI measurement. Taking our dual-NIC ThinkPad X201 as an example, researchers can perform the round-trip or concurrent CSI measurement by just one laptop. We have even set up a 27-NIC array which is just impossible with the previous one-PC per NIC architecture.

To achieve this goal, we rewrote the CSI extraction logic of both the QCA9300 and IWL5300 kernel drivers. Moreover, multi-threading is one of the the fundamental designs of the PicoScenes platform. In fact, PicoScenes platform assign at least five threads for each frontend (Wi-Fi COTS NICs or SDR) and its plugins.

1.2. Accessing the unlocked hardware features of the QCA9300 and IWL5300

1.3. Adopting SDR (USRP) in your Wi-Fi sensing research

1.3.1. Obtaining complete RX PHY-layer information

1.3.2. Fully control PHY-layer transmission

1.3.3. Modern Wi-Fi protocols (802.11ac/ax w/ multi-user) support

1.3.4. Use Virtual SDR Parse Signals


1.4. In-situ CSI parsing & processing

1.5. Prototype your own advanced CSI measurement protocol

1.6. Super easy installation on latest OS w/ auto-update

1.7. Support multiple CSI-available devices

PicoScenes platform currently supports the QCA9300 and IWL5300 Wi-Fi NIC models.

In the upcoming Late 2021 release, PicoScenes will support ESP32, Intel AC9260/AX200 series NIC models.

1.8. Technical support— least technical, most critical