12. PicoScenes License Plan (PSLP)#

License mechanism is a promising way to ensure more sustainable development of the PicoScenes system. For PicoScenes, we call it PicoScenes License Plan (PSLP).

PSLP adopts the rolling release, i.e., PSLP will be updated every two months with refined license structure, user support, etc. The current PSLP version is v0.2.3

12.1. PSLP v0.2.3 (Feb. 20, 2022 to Apr. 20, 2022)#

PSLP v0.2.3 is the Feb. 2022 version of PSLP.

TL;DR: PSLP v0.2.3 offers two license options, free and paid. Compared to v0.1.11, this version relax several key features to Free License Users. The subscription fee of the paid license is still 8688 RMB or 1360 USD/computer/year with an extra bulk purchase discount.

We provide a bilingual document which describes PSLP v0.2.3 in detail. Click here to download PSLP v0.2.3 Documentation. The accountability for this key license document can be tracked back to this git commit of the source code of this documentation site.

PicoScenes with PLSP v0.2.3 also optimizes the online verification and expiration checking, and removes the strong internet dependency. As the result, the program startup time is considerable reduced.

12.2. Payment#

中国区用户点此淘宝链接 PicoScenes软件订阅 下单,可开具正规电子发票

The overseas payment channel is still under construction.